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Lyon & Healy Style 23

This harp belonged to the late harpist, Patricia Hager, who passed away in September 2020. Pat ordered this harp in 1980 and took delivery in 1981 (serial # 8289). She played this harp professionally from that time until she was no longer able to play it in December 2019. Pat had big, strong hands and opened up the sound of this harp up very nicely. It was damaged in December 2011 and was sent to Lyon & Healy for repairs in May 2012. I have records of those repairs for anyone interested in the harp. Peter Wiley last regulated it in Summer 2019. In 2021 it was played weekly at my church by a harpist who attends there. Thus, it has been regularly maintained. Included are a padded cover, bench, maintenance supplies, a trunk, and a dolly. The asking price for all items is $20,600. Contact Steve Hager.

Asking Price: $20,600

Contact: Steve Hager


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