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With the goals of vitalizing the local harp community and enhancing the support for the local harpists in Dallas/Fort Worth area, the American Harp Society in Dallas was established in 1963.  We operate as a chapter of the American Harp Society, a non-profit organization, and our members consist of professional and semi-professional harpists, harp instructors, students of all ages and lovers of the harp. 


We promote opportunities for cultivating the appreciation for harp music, encouraging youth education, meeting and acquainting with other harpists, and sharing information through our annual events, competitions, masterclasses, special events and concerts.  Please refer to our mission, vision, and values statements and membership benefits. 


Please feel free to contact us at for further information.

Welcome to the American Harp Society in Dallas!


Our Mission Statement



"Through education and awareness, the American Harp Society (AHS) in Dallas nurtures talent and creativity; promotes the harp among all harpists and the general public; awards grants and scholarships with organized competitions; provides encouragement to composers and arrangers to write for the harp; and seeks a close working relationship with accredited schools and music faculties to promote study of the harp."

2023-2024 Welcome Letter

Please click on the PDF to download our 2023-24 Welcome Letter 

2023-2024 Board of Directors

President: Laura Brandenburg

1st Vice President - Programs: Kimberly Snaufer DeRosa

2nd Vice-President – Membership: Patrick Stanfill

Corresponding Secretary: Meghan Gomen

Recording Secretary: Denise Holland

Treasurer: Carla Siegesmund

Social Media Manager/Webmaster: Urszula Rucka

Student Events Chair: Becky Scherschell

Hospitality Chair: Ruth Mertens

Assistant Hospitality Chair: Victoria Gonzales

Past Presidents and History

1963-1965    Julia Louise Herrmann

At the first National Conference in 1964 in NYC, AHS in Dallas received a citation from National AHS for outstanding service to the harp

1965-1967    Renee Sheranian Goates

1967-1969    Sharon Strickland Coffin 

1969-1971    Dorothy Lyman Bilderback

1971-1973    Virginia Klein 

1973-1975    Martha Goldthorn

1975-1977    Julia Herrmann Edwards 

1977-1979    David Williams

1979-1981    Edna McClintock

1981-1983    Laura  Harris Mitchell 

1983-1987    Rebecca Scherschell

AHS in Dallas won Chapter of the Year Award 1987 at  24th National Conference in Pittsburgh. 

1987-1989    Carolyn Harris (now Carson) 

1989-1991    Julia Herrmann Edwards 

1991-1995    Barbara Branum 

1995-1997    Denise Holland

AHS in Dallas received Honorable Mention in 1997 at 34th National Conference in Tacoma. 

1997-1999    Laurel McConkey

AHS in Dallas won Chapter of the Year Award 1999 at 3rd Summer Institute in Los Angeles. 

1999-2000    Naoko Nakamura Stromberg 

2000-2005    Ellen Ritscher (Sackett) 

2005-2007    Laura Logan 

2007-2009    Patricia Ann Diers

2009-2011   Carolyn Carson

2011-2013   Becky Scherschell

AHS in Dallas won Chapter of the Year Award 2012 at 40th National Conference in New York.

2013-2015   Becky Scherschell

2015 - 2019   Yumiko Endo Schlaffer

AHS in Dallas received Honorable Mention in 2016 at 41st National Conference in Atlanta, Ga.

AHS in Dallas won Chapter of the Year Award 2018 at 43rd National Conference in Redlands, CA.

2019- 2023   Becky Scherschell 

2023-current Laura Brandenburg


Bylaws of the American Harp Society in Dallas

Please click on the PDF to download our bylaws.

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