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AHS Auditions and Evaluations

Learn more about our 2024 Auditions and Evaluations Program!

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New Announcement

Chapter Ambassador Awards

The Dallas Chapter is pleased to announce our participation in the Chapter Ambassador Awards program for 2024. The chapter will award up to two grants of $500 each for student members who are accepted into the CAA program. The students go through a local screening and national application process. The chapter would commit up to $500 per student for expenses related to attending and participating in the 2024 AHS Conference in Orlando. This amount would be matched by AHS national funds. The total grant received per student totals $1000. Each student also plans and executes a community engagement project as part of the CAA experience. 


Submission deadline is February 1, 2024. Interested students are advised to begin the application process immediately. Chapter representatives are available to facilitate. Please direct any questions to Chapter President Dr. Laura Brandenburg at All students applying must first email Dr. Brandenburg to begin the pre-screening process.


Further information and online application may be found here:


American Harp Society in Dallas 2023-2024

This year, the Dallas Harp Society celebrates its 60th anniversary. The chapter was established by a dedicated group of local harpists and was chartered in 1963, only one year after the American Harp Society! In honor and celebration of the inspirational legacy these harpists created for us, we have an amazing year planned for you, featuring a variety of workshops and concerts, student events, and fun social activities.

Image by Sara Budhwani

American Harp Society Auditions and Evaluations

Saturday, March 2nd and Saturday, April 13 2024

What to expect

Auditions and Evaluations is an educational program for harp students of all ages and levels sponsored by the American Harp Society, Inc. This is a unique, non-competitive two-part program, with special focus on the improvement that can be made by participating on both days. On the first day, participants play pieces of their own choosing for an advisor. The advisor gives each student feedback on their performance. A supplemental performer’s worksheet or theory test will be given, which the student can take home to complete.  A month later, participants return to play their pieces again and will receive additional feedback and comments from the advisor, and an additional advisor. Because this is not a competition, no prizes are given, however everyone
who participates both days receives a personalized Certificate of Participation from the Music Education Committee of the American Harp Society.


We are pleased to announce that our advisors for this year’s program are
Denise Holland for both days, and Kimberly Snaufer DeRosa on the second
day. Each of these experienced harpists/teachers of the harp will offer extensive insights into their comments and suggestions for each individual student.


DFW harp students are cordially invited to participate in the 2024 Auditions and Evaluations Program of the American Harp Society in Dallas, to be held on Saturday, March 2nd and Saturday, April 13 on the campus of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.  Pedal harps and lever harps will be provided at the audition site, both for the warm-up and the audition. It is possible to bring your own harp if you prefer. Audition times, directions, and parking information will be sent to participants upon registration. Participants must be current members of our local chapter, American Harp Society in Dallas. All participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult while on the TCU campus. Teachers whose students are participating in the program must also be members of our local chapter as well as the national organization American Harp Society, Inc. Certificates will be awarded at the Annual Student Recital of the American Harp Society in Dallas on Sunday, May 5th, 2024.


Registration deadline is February 16, 2024. Registration fee is $25. Checks should be made to “AHS in Dallas.” Students must be available and commit to both audition dates.



If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email 

Becky Scherschell, Student Events Chair 972-342-6270

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