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36-String Moseley Lever Harp For Sale

Instrument: 1992 custom built Moseley 5 octave harp, full levers. Restrung locally by Dale Pilcher in 2014

Description: Due to their age, I’m pricing them at far below new/replacement, but I’d take any one of these instruments over their comparable sisters. They aren’t cheap, or “novice” instruments, but well seasoned gig harps that will make great partners! Jim and I were working on this prototype before he died, trying to create a "student" lever harp that still had full, beautiful tone. HUGE bass. Custom scrollwork with a Welsh Dragon, mahogany neck and column. The neck split years ago, and I had Argent Fox harps split and rebuild it with a hardwood core, then replace all the pins and levers.

Accessories included: It comes with a full set of replacement strings, and an adjustable stool.

Asking Price: I’m offering this at $2,000. (Valued at $5000.)

Seller Contact: Rita Rice: 817-320-8551 or

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